Overcoming Fear, Pride, and Denial.

Loving life for the first time in ages 2010

The hardest part of every journey towards self-improvement is the admitting that something needs work in the first place.

I will never forget the day I fell into heap of despair and self-pity after struggling through post natal depression for 6 months. The look on my husbands face was heart braking, disappointment, confusion and frustration. It was enough to snap me out of denial and into self motivated machine, ready to take on whatever it was that was ruining our lives and beat it. I ran out side with my phone and called a friend. And there they were, finally the three words… I need help.  And they were the seeds, the catalyst for change. Getting off of my stubborn behind and admitting my problems has been the hardest and most beneficial thing I have ever done. Even though the change you have to make can seem like a mountain it can always be tackled bit by bit, day by day with the support of loved ones. In this case, my family and my beautiful mothers group who didn’t need to know all the details they were just there.  So the next stage is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself for being in denial and putting yourself through hell out of fear and pride. That is the best bit.

There are every day challenges now that are not so dramatic but they still fall by the wayside in terms of being tackled,

So here I go…

I am addicted to caffeine even though I know its bad for me

I love carbs … Let me re-phrase that  J’ADORE CARBS!

I am crap with money

I am easily distracted from doing exercise it’s not top of my priority list

I let fear, anxiety and depression get in the way of achieving my potential and if I don’t stop this I will get old and regret what I didn’t do.

Phew! ok so this is what I am going to do, Forgive myself. Stay dedicated to my healthy diet of high protein, low gi whole foods.  Keep exercising regularly. Give up the lattes, Get a paid job and save money, Take every opportunity that swings by and embrace it!

One by one.

And don’t forget to notice the beautiful small things, and savour them. 

I would love to hear from you if you have a similar story, or even if you want to share a small thing that made you smile. Maybe you experienced something that snapped you into making a change?

6 responses to “Overcoming Fear, Pride, and Denial.

  1. I had no idea that you were such an amazing writer Robyn! I love reading your blog. I couldn’t write so honestly the way you do xoxo

  2. Love your honesty Robyn, especially as I go into a new phase of my life with bub #2.
    My new favourite quote – “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it everytime” So if ever I find myself wasting the day away then that quote comes along to save me from missing out on those opportunities that pass us by, every single day.

  3. Looove this post, Robyn! Going through exactly the same thing! Your way of formulating your thoughts is beautiful.
    I recently faced up to some of my worst sides (still having meetings with them each day). It is so liberating just admitting they are there, not having to hide anymore. I swear, it made a difference after just one day. And I am very similar. such as yourself I am trying to loose a bit of weight, mainly it is a vain thing (actually very vain, I am in no way a unhealthy weight, but I do feel I don’t want that extra little wobble!) So facing my heating habits! Goodbye midnight snack and eating that extra cookie when things are tough. Hello learning to handle money, just thinking about taxes gives me a headache! Hello facing up to my worst shadows.
    It can actually be a good thing, and I am glad I am in the process of forgiving my self.

    Thanks again for such a honest and beautifully written post! #inspired

    By the way; this is a really good book on the subject http://www.amazon.com/The-Dark-Side-Light-Chasers/dp/1573227358

    If you are like me and prefer audiobooks, they have it for a reasonable sum of pennies on iTunes!!

    Lots of Love x o x

  4. Thank you line for your kind words and I will definately look at that book. I know you are beautiful and that you dont need to loose weight but its all about how you feel and that extra wobble can make your jeans feel all wrong! big hug and good luck. I look forward to hearing how you get on with your mission x

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