I heart these blogs x

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to some really inspiring Blog writers that I have discovered on my recent journey back to vegetarianism! I am not promoting vegan, vege or anything in particular but I wanted to give these guys a shout out. They are women on a mission to be at their best physically and mentally through healthy eating and a sensible attitude to exercise.

Angela who writes OH SHE GLOWS  dreams of new cookie recipes whilst doing her work out! doesn’t get more real than that. ‘Oh She Glows’ is a place of wonder and indictment, full of mouth-watering vegan recipes.


 Lentil Loaf 4 2   Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf, Revisited


Anjali, author of the Picky Eater Blog is a health conscious lady who has had to invent food that will satisfy her husbands love of not so healthy food. This blog is a real treat for anyone like herself and me, who need to make healthy food tastes and exciting for those who would otherwise avoid it.



Super healthy kids is run by a mum and dietician and It is really worth a look. It has been running for years and has is an aladins cave of ideas and inspiration with great photos.
What could be better than you and your family/friends sharing meals that are bursting with exciting and indulgent flavours  at the same time as improving wellbeing.  I am going to honour these great blogs by doing my own kid and husband friendly experiment and sharing it with you all.
These Blogs have great stories behind them and great pictures. Two things that I feel are very important. There are hundreds of blogs in the blogosphere and hats off to anyone who putting themselves out there. But I have to say, The ones that really grab me are the ones that are clear, fresh and have amazing photos.

I have booked marked the blogs above for further reading and you should too xxx

When life gives you lemons

You make marmalade.

farmersrmarketjam (great blog)


Is what my mum said recently after a very disappointing day. Recently my husband literally got given lemons… lots of lemons. And he made marmalade, spiced lemons ready for a flourless cake and preserved lemons all in one hit. The house smells amazing.

Onto the subject of life giving you lemons I think that this has to be my favourite saying because actually, to be able to turn something sour into something delicious takes confidence, courage and wisdom. Inside and out of the kitchen. The ability to not weaken under the pressure of doubt and disappointment and to channel those feelings towards doing something positive is something I truly admire.

There are various sayings in reference to ‘one door closing and another one opening’ I think that you must have the courage to venture into the new doorway and not get stuck in limbo, outside the one that closed.

So go make marmalade people. literally and not literally. Write to me and tell me how your marmalade went and how you turned a sour situation into something positive, I would love to hear from you.

Ps. In keeping with the theme of this post, I will be posting a follow up on how we turned our marmalade (which was not perfect as we over cooked the pectin!)  into something even better!



I just had to share this, Jessica I love your photographs, your writing, your recipes. You are an inspiration to a new Blogger like me. Thank you for giving me something so beautiful to read.

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Few moments make me happier than the one just waking up, before I open my eyes, when I hear the soft, constant tapping of rain.

I know, I know. Most people are shuddering at the mere suggestion of a drizzle. But, for me, this moment I’m talking about is a savory one. Rain means a brisk morning walk and the smell of eucalyptus trees in Golden Gate park. Salty air on the beach. Afternoon board games. Plump swollen blueberries and fragrant blooms at the next farmer’s market. Buried in blankets with a movie or book. Early bed time. Hot chocolate. Home.

Perhaps more than anything, in a world where we are constantly connected, rain means a reason to shut out the chaos and just be. Stay in the house, cancel plans, forget errands, do nothing. A couple Saturdays ago was a timely example of this wonderful kind of respite. The…

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