Thank Goodness for the Easter Holiday

It’s Amazing how in such a small space in time your world, your perspective, your attitude and your aspirations can change. Forever.

In one month I have left the stay at home circus to get on board the career train and oh my, it’s a scenic and eventful trip. The kids are loving their kindergarten days and we are all cherishing the moments that we have together.

I have just done my first week of placement and I know that the worst is over. I will be going back to a familiar place after the holidays to teach students that I have already met. Big weight off.

The only real downside is that I temporarily burned out. I was a zombie for 3 days and I am now suffering an eye twitch, sinus infection and general feeling of brain fog.

Thank goodness it is Easter. I am sure that chocolate will fix this condition.

So anyhow, I have decided to post some images of the things that we have done at home. To take me back to that time, only 4 weeks ago, when I had no idea what ‘busy’ really meant.

I hope that you all had a fun and restful holiday x

cardboard cubby house

Cardboard cubby house x

meeting my new ‘niece’ LOLA x

Peace x

Peace x

ok I admit it I have been avoiding you!

ok Blog, heart-shaped radish, however you prefer to be addressed, the thing is… I have just been so busy. I will make it short as I am sure you do not want a long-winded report on the ins and outs of Robyn world. I’ll apologise as I have to admit, its me not you and truthfully I have been avoiding you of late.

So … where to start

life changing events

I am booked in for a tummy tuck in March next year, yes a tummy tuck. I have had confirmation from the plastic surgeon that I have done all I can do to improve my condition and now it is up to the surgeons to fix it all up and make it pretty again. Now I know that you might ‘tut’ and roll your eyes and say why can’t you just be happy with your saggy skin and your beautiful kids but honestly I have tried.

I am attending university again. I am now a postgraduate doing a diploma of education in visual arts secondary level at Monash university Melbourne. 

So I am embarking on a new journey, one which will lead me to being a confident and energetic Art teacher!

I have abandoned my MOMprenuering although I am still running the beautiful toppers wedding and celebration cake toppers with my mum. 

The children are in full-time day care.

There is a lot of adjustment going on at my place at the moment and things are well lets just say… A BIT CRAZY!!! 

But once I am happy to be exhausted because I have found my path, the kids are not traumatized by day-care and my husband is proud of me.

So bring on craziness I say and just do it, even if it rocks the boat and hurts a little bit.

PS. I promise to be a better friend in future. Oh and just one more thing, I am still on a mission to create tasty and nutritious treats (that are easy and quick as time is more precious than ever now)

Here is a picture of a tomato that I grew in my garden. I thought that you of all strangely shaped things would appreciate it.


Stepping up my game!

Ok …I fell off  the fitness wagon

I was doing so well and then my baby turned into a toddler and then I had two very busy very time-consuming excuses not to work out.  Apart from a weekly zumba class I have been mostly imagining myself as a fit person.

I have not lost the muscle repair that I gained from doing physio so at least I have that.  But this mama needs a flatter stomach! I am only 65 kilo- and 5 ft 6 so that means any protruding abdomen is going to make me look preggers and prevent me from wearing the clothes that I love.

So anyway after a long whine to a friend who runs a cosmetic surgery clinic and dreaming of winning the lotto I  stumbled across something life changing. I can’t even remember how now. It feels like a divine intervention.

This something or someone is Lynsay Brinn and she is my new best friend.

She is a real mum (mom) with three real kids and a she is a fitness expert. She has tailored workout DVD’s for diastasis recti.

Why didn’t I find this 12 months ago!!!!?

So anyway I have made a vow to work out for 365 days and if I am not happy with my tummy by then Hubby is going to pay for me to have surgery. I have a review with the original surgeon to discuss this.

here I go, day one done. I am feeling really proud of myself.

If you are looking for an inexpensive plan that you can fit in around the kids you should go and check out which is the company that Lynsay put together.

You can find out more about her journey to fitness at her blog.

And finally…Thank goodness to for those little things that kick you in the behind, get you out of a cycle of hopelessness and make you step up your game.

Thank you Husband for being honest and supportive, Thank you internet for introducing me to moms into fitness!


Life is Scary…

So happy Halloween…….and welcome November.

New month new beginnings for me.

I took a long hard look at my life today.  My health, my relationship and my dreams for the future.  It was intense. I got stressed so I aggressively kneaded pizza dough and then
ate a whole pizza for lunch….phew. I dragged myself to the chiropractor and found out that I have been ignoring some serious issues for 10 yrs. Gave my self a smack on the hand for neglecting myself and vowed to get it sorted. I also sent off the final part of my application to return to study next year so that I can teach visual art.
My 20′s were for reckless abuse of my body, mind and heart and now my 30′s are going to be the decade of recovery, re focus…rehab basically!
It’s so easy to get lost in your efforts to please everybody else and to live up to their expectations. You forget yourself. When I turned thirty in september I stopped and thought, hang on a min, what do I want?

So I applied for a uni course, took up zumba classes, made some new friends, re-connected with some old ones, saw a chiropractor about the problem I have been ignoring, and some other positive things. It feels good.

Some issues are so deeply woven and engraved that they can not simply be described on a tick list and therefore can not be solved by making a simple change. But all we can do is acknowledge them, face up to them and try to either build bridges or cut our losses and move on.

Life is scary.  Making decisions is scary. Facing the truth is scary.

You have to take charge.

I love something that a friend of mine said recently when consoling someone about their anxiety issues. She said “you have to take charge of it before it takes charge of you”. So true

ahhhhhhhh anyway that’s all a bit heavy.

I hope that you all enjoyed your witches brew and worms spaghetti and you got treated, not tricked.

The poor pizza dough that got a beating!

Nobody Fabulous or extra ordinary was ever completely sane… Agreed?

Well that’s what I tell myself when I am having a day of well lets just say, the crazies.

Anxious, hormonal, sensitive, depressed, clumsy and a little bid mad.

I am writing this post so that next time I wake up on the wrong side of the bed in a world that frustrates and upsets me, I can come back to it and be reminded that in order to be fabulous and maybe even a genius, there has to be dark days or diva days if you like.

I have to accept that although I am doing all the right things and taking responsibility for the effect that my moods have on others, there are days when it all goes a bit pear-shaped and I want to hide.

So all I am saying really is if you have days when you just cant pretend that your feeling awesome and everything is great. The days when you can count all of your blessings and still feel fed-up and frustrated then …I hear you. I just had a day like that.

Dont worry, it’s probably because you are really smart and a little bit fabulous x

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn


A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?
Albert Einstein


Ok ill say it out loud……I don’t like meat!

30 and finally at my goal weight x

I had to make the switch back to being a fish-eating vegetarian, a pescitarian to be precise. I have had enough of the stomach turning chewy bits, the gross and gory visuals and the guilt that I am contributing to an industry of cruelty and greed. I was a pecsitarian for most of my life before I met my husband but I have been eating meat for the 10 yrs that we have been together. This is personal, I am not having a dig at carnivores, it’s that saying I AM A PESCITARIAN! out loud to the world confirms my decision.  Sustainable seafood is so available now and It doesn’t cost too much. My children are still eating organic and free range meat at home which is not cheap but it is worth the extra pennies. And yes I know I would struggle to gut a fish, let alone even put the worm on a hook but I am not ready to give it up yet. This is the type of neurotic paranoia that so many of us in the first world are faced when it comes to diet. We live with an abundance of choice and information which means you either care or you don’t.

I care.  I can not ignore the environmental issues and I can not look at a cow in a field with its young and not feel a stabbing of guilt. It would be easier to be ignorant to it all but that wont help. It is a consumer led industry so we need to make good choices at the supermarket.

So anyway in the last couple of months I have really enjoyed the challenge of cooking and eating new things. I have enjoyed learning about alternative proteins, food combining and the benefits of eating raw.

I don’t miss meat and I feel like I have a really positive relationship with food.

Here are some tips to help you gain a more positive relationship with food







It is very easy to find out what is in season. Ask at your local supermarket, green grocers, Farmers markets or even a good chef. You can also find information online  





Toffee apples for breakfast…well almost.

Its cold

It’s not as cold as it gets in England but I am acclimatized now so in my books… its cold.  There are days in winter when it is not possible to diet properly because lets face it, sometime one needs fuel in the tank. Stodgy, warm, comforting, delicious fuel!

Baked apples with cinnamon and honey for breakfast.

My toddler loved this, I served it with full fat greek yoghurt.  The house smelled amazing for hours.  We picked the caramel off of the tray afterwards, It was almost like having toffee apples for breakfast.


The colour of springtime is in the flowers;the colour of winter is in the imagination. -Terri Guillemets

One kind word can warm three winter months. – Japanese Proverb


So Bring on the smell of baking, the indoor tents, movie nights, the slow cooked dinners and the red wine. Hope all of you on this side of the world are nice and warm.  Cheers

Ferocious sales ladies v demanding little customers! facing the mummy guilt of going to work

Hello, its been a little while and I’ll tell you why.

I have been very busy in the midst of finding myself employment. Mum and I have decided to go back to the drawing board with our little business and go out and earn some real dollars. I have had the luxury (as some might say) of being a stay at home mother for almost 3 years. It has not been a breeze as we all know (or are otherwise reminded) that being a mother is the hardest job of all.  It has been quite a journey going through this transition and I have had to let go of the guilt that come with saying goodbye to your babies in the morning and picking them up at almost bed time. My youngest is only 11 months and I am very protective of him.  Every family has to do what they have to do to survive. One income is not enough for us to live out our dreams and desires for the future,  so here I go,  off to work.  I have always stuck by the philosophy ‘happy mummy happy baby’  This has helped me through the times where that twinge of guilt for doing something that is not purely selfless arrises.

I have been reading support forums for working mums,  the only real benefit of this is that it reminds me that there are millions of us, all going through the same feelings and dilemmas.  My situation is not unique and many children are in daycare from a far younger age than mine.

I made a pledge to not surpass any opportunity that came my way and to not let anxiety stop me in my tracks. So I have excepted a job. It is a succession role, training to eventually be the manager of a contemporary silver jewelry store in the city.  This is a HUGE change for us and I have to say it is really overwhelming.  I also have to say that my new guilty pleasures are dressing in glamorous clothes, having uninterrupted trips to the bathroom and not repetitively saying….. put that down, stop that , stay still and hurry up! oh yes and being able to drink a whole cup of tea whilst it is still hot.  But my boys, as demanding as they are, are my heart, my joy, my everything so naturally I would prefer to be with them covered in snotty finger prints and patches of baby sick.

There are pros and cons to both working and to staying at home. I can’t decide who is more difficult to work with, My demanding little customers or the ferociously competitive natured  ‘sales ladies’.  Either way all I can do is focus on the positives and embrace this new challenge knowing that my boys glowing little faces will be there to greet me at the end of each day.

Any working mums out there with advise or stories? I would love to hear from you.

Embracing Mrs winter

Early morning walk on the beach

Something I find fascinating  about this time of year is SAD syndrome, seasonal affective disorder, It is a result of a lack of the things that make us happy. Mainly vitamin D. When I first heard of this I thought it was just a way to describe the misery that comes with the sheer length of the British winter. The novelty of cashmere cardigans, hot chocolates, pub fires and nights in front of a good movie with 3 pairs of socks on wares off after the first 2 months and then the cold and damp just becomes depressing. 

I live in Melbourne now where winter visits us quite abruptly and with no warning.  She bursts through the door,  blows the cobwebs away, makes you dig out your ugg boots, wooly tights and gloves and off she goes again. It doesn’t give you much time to adjust.

So I have decided to embrace Mrs winter and make the most of her chilly visit. I am going to do this by finding ways of avoiding the symptoms of SAD. Which according to are as follows.


 mood swings



 cravings for sweet foods

 and a general feeling of being ‘down in the dumps’

All of which come under the umbrella of depression, this is more of a breakdown of the symptoms of depression in general.

In order to combat these things it is suggested that we excercise outdoors, cut out caffeine, eat more of the foods that increase serotonin. And then there is the herbs like Passiflora and st johns wort that are like a hug in a bottle.

cuddling to keep warm x

My personal plan for happiness this Winter is to simply savour the beautiful moments, Eat what is in season, allow the winter sun to caress my face as much as possible, hug and kiss my family lots and lots!, and buy my self a really cosy, wooly jumper. Oh yeah and drink lots of homemade chai.

My first beautiful moment was  regrettably not captured on camera. We were travelling and couldn’t stop. It was very early and we were all in the car and there was a carpet of mist floating elegantly above the paddocks. In the mist were the silhouettes of alpacas and the sunlight was trying to penetrate making a fluffy shiny fairy tale of a scene.  I will pull over and take a photo if I am lucky enough to see it again.

My mum went on a bread making course and came home with a simple no knead recipe. She came in the door with a warm loaf from the oven that crackled when we broke the crust and melted in our mouths …….. I am going to learn to make bread.

In season for us are root vegetables, mandarins,  fuji apples, passion fruit, avocado….. so much to play with.  The foods which increase serotonin are brown rice, wholemeal pasta, oats, chocolate……CHOCOLATE! sorry, protein rich foods and good fats.

I have been working on some serotonin boosting recipes in the kitchen. These are a couple of examples but I will be posting some chocolate experiments soon! 

Egg plant, asparagus, root vege and salami pasta bake

Eggplants from a friends garden

Wholemeal mini pizzas made with my son

wholemeal cinnamon pancakes with homemade plum jam

To be a mother

my mum 1986

my eldest son and I in the pool

the fabulous life of BeMoreFoxy

‘To be a mother is an honour.  To experience a love like no other,  to nurse, educate, comfort, discipline, taxi, feed, council, protect, a boy and to give him a brother,  To be a domestic goddess and lover, to sacrifice time spent with each other,  is precious, beautiful, rewarding,  frustrating, and very, very hard work!’ – my own words

To all the mothers in my life especially my mother who is busy renovating a house in overalls, with paint all over her face and my sister who for the second year in a row,  is in hospital nursing a very sick baby. You are brilliant human beings.

To the new mothers who have just realised how much it is possible to love a person, Congratulations.

To the seasoned Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers I would love to hear your precious stories.