Easy fluffy chocolate cake made with stevia and other nice organic things

It’s good for you to be naughty sometimes, and it feels even better when you know what your eating is real. Real fat, real fresh, no rubbish. You can almost trick your cravings into thinking they are being fulfilled with healthy alternatives to sugar. I could have eaten this cake when I had gestational diabetes, no problem.

This particular recipe is a moderation of the mix all together recipe. You basically mix all the ingredients together , pour it into a tin and bake, awesome.

I can’t stand baking usually because it is so precise, no room for ‘I think I’ll just chuck a bit of this in’ .

Heres whats in it;

1 cup of organic plain flour ( I didn’t even use a proper measuring cup!)

100g of organic unsalted butter softened

1 level tbsp of baking powder

3 heaped tbsp of pure coco

2 eggs

1/2 a cup of any natural alternative to sugar

1/3 of a cup of whole organic milk

Mix it all together with an electric mixture for approx 4 mins, pour into a greased round or bread tin, bake in a pre heated oven at 180 until it smells cooked. Pure and simple yumminess