Stepping up my game!

Ok …I fell off  the fitness wagon

I was doing so well and then my baby turned into a toddler and then I had two very busy very time-consuming excuses not to work out.  Apart from a weekly zumba class I have been mostly imagining myself as a fit person.

I have not lost the muscle repair that I gained from doing physio so at least I have that.  But this mama needs a flatter stomach! I am only 65 kilo- and 5 ft 6 so that means any protruding abdomen is going to make me look preggers and prevent me from wearing the clothes that I love.

So anyway after a long whine to a friend who runs a cosmetic surgery clinic and dreaming of winning the lotto I  stumbled across something life changing. I can’t even remember how now. It feels like a divine intervention.

This something or someone is Lynsay Brinn and she is my new best friend.

She is a real mum (mom) with three real kids and a she is a fitness expert. She has tailored workout DVD’s for diastasis recti.

Why didn’t I find this 12 months ago!!!!?

So anyway I have made a vow to work out for 365 days and if I am not happy with my tummy by then Hubby is going to pay for me to have surgery. I have a review with the original surgeon to discuss this.

here I go, day one done. I am feeling really proud of myself.

If you are looking for an inexpensive plan that you can fit in around the kids you should go and check out which is the company that Lynsay put together.

You can find out more about her journey to fitness at her blog.

And finally…Thank goodness to for those little things that kick you in the behind, get you out of a cycle of hopelessness and make you step up your game.

Thank you Husband for being honest and supportive, Thank you internet for introducing me to moms into fitness!


To be a mother

my mum 1986

my eldest son and I in the pool

the fabulous life of BeMoreFoxy

‘To be a mother is an honour.  To experience a love like no other,  to nurse, educate, comfort, discipline, taxi, feed, council, protect, a boy and to give him a brother,  To be a domestic goddess and lover, to sacrifice time spent with each other,  is precious, beautiful, rewarding,  frustrating, and very, very hard work!’ – my own words

To all the mothers in my life especially my mother who is busy renovating a house in overalls, with paint all over her face and my sister who for the second year in a row,  is in hospital nursing a very sick baby. You are brilliant human beings.

To the new mothers who have just realised how much it is possible to love a person, Congratulations.

To the seasoned Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers I would love to hear your precious stories.


1 kilo to go

I have one stubborn kilo to go to get to where I was before I had my first son.  16 down -1 to go.

Retrospectively it has been one hell of a journey. It starts right at the beginning, the everything that brought me to be in the place I was when I was just about to embark on the most significant journey of my life. Motherhood.

I was the kid who had to drink supplement drinks because I was so excited about christmas (6 weeks prior to the actual event) that I couldn’t eat.  I hid my easter eggs under my bed for months and I shopped in the kids department for my school uniform right into yr 10 of high school. I was skinny

I was serious about sport for most of my child hood, training up to 4 hours a day before big events. I had no reason at all not to eat whatever I felt like eating.  My parents are great cooks, Mum is the baker who is religious about recipes and dad is the ‘chuck it all in’, ‘bit of this’, ‘that will do’ kind of man who always surprises everyone with his beautiful creations.

When I think of the happy times in my life, food always has its presence.

I will never forget the luscious bowl of simple green salad I had as a child in france, with the tangy dressing ( yes I was the weird child eating lettuce amongst the others and their fries).  Dads sausage and beer hot-pot on the yacht we used to spend summers on, Mums incredible chocolate brownies, amazing birthday cakes and home-made elderflower wine.

Then came the teenage years of melancholy, self-pity and despair at my pale skin, red hair, ridiculously skinny legs. These were the emo years and like many girls my relationship with food became a negative one. Though stress, anxiety and the pressure to look a certain way, I developed anorexia and a dependency on alcohol to have fun. Out the window went the sport and in the window came a black cloud that stuck around for a couple of years.

I was 18 when I finally started my journey back to being carefree and enthusiastic about cooking and eating.  At 19 I met my husband, a chef who converted me from being a vegetarian to a carnivore. I have been learning from him ever since. He is a wealth of knowledge and a real artist with food.  We married when I was 23 and still very slim.

I fell pregnant with my first son when I was 26, we had been living and studying in the UK for 4 years together. I had been fluctuating the whole time we were there. One minute I was eating my body weight in carbs and drinking every night and the next I was stressed and not eating at all.

When I got over the initial morning sickness, food suddenly became my friend! hello food and all your sexy flavours, hello Fat Sugar and Carbs, we used to be acquaintances now we are besties forever and ever. Amen.

My Nanna who was my best friend had a serious stroke right before I was due to fly back to australia to live. I knew she was never going to meet my baby and that I was never going to see her again.

Food you really are my best friend now I gained 20 kilo-, got pre-eclempsia and experienced a horrific natural birth followed a pain relief drug reaction that took 3 months to get over.  A Naturopath was my saviour in this situation. I felt like I had seen a million doctors and that I was getting no where. Pauline Twite is her name and she is an angel. She taught me so much about healing through suppliments and diet.

So 16 months later after loosing most of  the weight by walking it off! and finding  joy again after having post natal depression. I fell pregnant. This time I had gestational diabetes and had no choice but to keep my weight under control.

I learned a whole new way of eating through physically being able to see how everything effected my blood sugar levels. I learned that high GI foods are a waste of time unless you want to be tired and fat.

After a tough time having to juggle this new approach to pregnancy eating and the fact that my unborn child had a serious condition where fluid had collected in his chest cavity, causing his lungs to be underdeveloped and his heart to be in the wrong place, I had a c section and met my now perfectly healthy 10 pound boy. 

 Mother nature sorted him out, modern medicine sorted me out.

six months down the track I find out about my 15 cm abdominal separation and the new phase of my life begins.

Now here I am 1 kilo away from my goal weight and telling the world my story. …phew its been interesting and the hardest part now will be maintaining.

But I think that what I have learned has changed my attitude to food. Its is not something to avoid in times of stress and not something to rely on either. You have to love food that loves you. Food that nourishes,excites, strengthens and sustains you. Food is art, food is to be shared. Food is to be respected.

My challenge since having my second son is to create Low GI food that is actually tasty. Lets face it…and I quote my fellow mother group friend Catherine  ” fat =TASTE”

So lets keep the real fat for the sometimes foods, up the nutritional/sustenance value of everything.  And make rainbows on all the plates we prepare.

First pregnancy swollen, heavy and hyper tension, yuck! lots of weight to loose after this one.

All bump after having to diet whilst pregnant with baby no two.

Slim and happy again just before second pregnancy

Lets be best friends with balance, life, love, joy, forgiveness, will power and aquintences with the ‘sometimes’ foods!

I will add a photo of my belly when I have lost that last kilo!

Key factors in changing my relationship with food.

1. learning about how having a terrible diet can seriously affect your ability to cope with pregnancy and child-birth.

2. learning from a  naturopath how diet REALLY effects your emotions and how a lack of nutrients can make you seriously ill.

3. Seeing with my own eyes how sugar effects your body by having to prick my finger 4 times a day. Thus learning what foods sustain you for longer.

4. Reaping the rewards of sticking to a goal and not giving in to the ‘I can’t be bothered’s’

5. learning to neither ignore food or binge on it during emotional times.  It is not your enemy or your best friend.


The sisterhood of crafters and makers

photo is the property of Elgans Emporium

I came across something which warmed my heart today.

I have been watching two local mothers and makers introduce their new business to the world. ‘Elgans Emporium’ an eclectic array of whimsical and wonderful things such as vintage inspired parties in a bag for little people. First there was a facebook page, then a ‘made it”shop, markets and now a lovely website and blog. Like myself, they like to over indulge themselves in all that is beautifully old, luxurious, fancy and fun.

Today they have announced that they will be showcasing other local women who create. Especially mothers and grandmothers who work from home.

A business with integrity, heart and a true sense of sisterhood.

Go and have a nose around

Does anyone have an audio file on how to potty train?

I am not very good at reading written instructions so a handbook on toilet training a willful toddler wouldn’t do. Perhaps an audio file? I have tried every trick in the book I am now even bribing him with a remote-controlled car. Today he weed on the floor and his 9 month old brother rolled into the puddle for a splash. I mean common boys…really? He is ever so cute but he is way too big for the change tables in public places and I have been caught in recent times, wrestling him on the floor of the parents room, to change him.

He is like a wild animal, he weed in his sandpit and pooped in the carport…help!

This is one of those issues, like so many with raising children where you aren’t sure whether to listen to your parents, let the child guide you, or simply put your foot down and suffer the consequences if you made the wrong move. Or maybe the maternal and child health nurse has the answer? The doctor? is there something wrong with my child? the anxiety kicks in. Today has been a toilet training train wreck. Here’s to my son getting some more stickers on his reward chart tomorrow!…please.

Hello world!

property of Robyn George-Chilvers

This photograph is my own work

My name is Robyn George-Chilvers

I was inspired to write this blog when discovering nothing but negative information on a condition that I suffered after having my baby boy in July last year. The condition is called “DRAMS” and to put it in simple terms it means a separation in the abdominal muscles. Mine was 15 cm wide and my guts were hanging out in front, unsupported and ugly. I spent nights reading forums finding desperate people in the same situation. These people seemed hopeless and their lives had been effected so negatively that they were depressed and desperate for an answer. I looked at medical sights and learned of all the horrible effects this was going to have on my physical wellbeing. I was feeling emotionally week and scared that this would be the trigger for the post natal depression that I had suffered with the birth of my first son, to come back.

I couldn’t afford the op, and I couldn’t be out of action for three months of recovery. I have two children under 3 years old.I was also told not to lift or excercise in any way … Hello! I am a mummy!

I was devastated to be informed by a GP that an extortionatly expensive tummy tuck was the only answer for me and was referred to a plastic surgeon. Now…this palstic surgeon turned my life around.

I was refered to a Physio that specialises in woman’s health. She had me doing pilates twice a day for 8 weeks and eating healthily.

I have now lost 13  16 kilos, reduced my separation down to about 1.5 cm, and exercising normally at the gym, with normal people. I am coping with life, I am strong and healthy for my children and I have even launched my own business.

I just want people with this condition to find something positive on the internet at night, when like my former self, they are desperately looking for answers.

I am not going to preach or provide any medical advise. I truly believe that healthy food, excersise and creativity are the answers for me. I hope that this Blog will be a glimmer of hope for people who are faced with anxiety and negativity and I aim to  inspire.

I will be writing about food, excercise, love, motherhood, creativity and working from home with two small children.

Live, Love and Create